iScan2 Multi Ultrasound

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A lightweight and extremely durable scanner offers exceptional image quality with an expanded frequency range of 2-14 MHz and multiple probe options including back-fat, rectal linear, 40 and 60 mm linear,  abdominal and rectal convex, and OPU probes.

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A lightweight and extremely durable scanner that is ideal for working in the field. It weighs less than 5 lbs, offers exceptional resolution and image quality with a broad scanning frequency range of 2 – 14 MHz. Options to connect goggles, an external monitor and additional memory via USB port. Ideal for examining multiple species with options for up to 5 different interchangeable electronic probe options.

The set includes:

  • Scanner body,
  • Electronic probe of your choice
  • 2 packages of external lithium-ion batteries,
  • Battery charger, with a set of cables,
  • Bottle of ultrasound gel,
  • Transport hard case with foam,
  • Manual.

Probe options:


  • Convex: 50mm radius, 2-8 MHz range
  • Linear 60 mm radius, 5-10MHz range
  • Linear: 40 mm radius, 6-14 MHz range
  • Microconvex: 15mm radius, 4-9 MHz range


  • Linear rectal: 60mm radius, 4-9 MHz range
  • Convex rectal: 61.2mm radius, 3-7.5 MHz range
  • Microconvex rectal: 20mm radius, 4-9 MHz range


  • OPU: 11mm radius, 4-9 MHz range
  • Linear Backfat for Pigs: 15mm active range, 2-5  MHz range
  • Linear Backfat for Cattle: 18mm active range, 2-5 MHz range
  • Micro Convex endocavity 4-9 MHz
  • Linear endocavity 4-9 MHz


Weight 6.8 kg
Dimensions 6.9 × 25.6 × 16.5 in

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View Options

Screen, Goggles, External Monitor

Menu Languages


Imaging Modes

B Mode, B+B Mode, B+M Mode

Operating Frequency

2-14 MHz

Doppler Capable


Data Transmission


External Monitor/Printer Ports


Power Supply

External battery pack Li-ion 14,4V 6,8Ah

Exported File Formats

AVI, BMP for images

External Ports

USB (through included converter)

Number of Probe Ports


Probe Recognition


Monitor Size


Memory Size

200 photos and 200 cineloops

Feature Control


Battery Operating Time

About 7 hours

Battery Charge Time

About 4 hours

Operating Temperature

From -15°C to +45°C

Storage Temperature

From 0°C to + 45°C

Probe Type


Wi-Fi Capability


DICOM Compatible


Bluetooth Capability


Training Program


  • Large 7” LED  LCD screen with a perfect contrast ratio and a very wide viewing angle. Option to attach an external monitor with a DVI or HDMI cable and digital image processing.
  • Fully digital imaging technique (B, B+B, B+M).
  • Intuitive design ensures fast and easy access to the most important functions during examination and special position of the keys makes the device user-friendly for left and right handed people.
  • Includes a large amount of internal memory for recording, tagging and saving scans and videos which can be easily downloaded to a computer or a portable USB key.
  • Allows for up to 200 saved images and 50 – 20 second videos of scans, you can easily note each patients information on saved images and videos. The software automatically time and date stamps saved images and videos.
  • Ability to add more memory if desired with a pen drive using the USB port.
  • Option to switch to negative view, image freeze, full screen and split screen with B mode, B+B mode and B+M mode.
  • Includes helpful settings such as aging tables, area, distance, ruler, grid, and volume.
  • Large range of zoom options (60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160 & 200%)
  • Automatic Fetal Aging measurement tool included for cows, horses, sheep, lamas and sows.
  • Using micro USB 2.0 you will be able to transfer the saved ultrasound images and cine loops to an external disk.
  • A duralumin body guarantees extreme durability.
  • Choose from 10 language settings.
Instruction Manual Download
Leaflet Download
Compatible Probes Guide Download

Education and support included with your iScan2 Multi Ultrasound ultrasound system

Enjoy a complimentary Premium Membership to FASTVet, the Leader in Veterinary FAST and Point-of-Care Ultrasound Education with your ultrasound system.

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