Portable Ultrasound Scanners

Ultrasound scanners for small animal breeders—an invaluable tool for determining pregnancy without travel and stress, assessing fetal viability and correct formation, estimating the number of fetuses, calculating delivery dates, and much more. Evaluating ultrasound machines is challenging and no one has made it easy to compare the plethora of options. You can get an ultrasound machine for $1,000 or $100,000. It is difficult to know what to look for as many machines appear the same on the outside (when what really matters is what’s on the inside). We’ve done the research and only recommend easy-to-learn and use, safe, high-quality, fully supported ultrasound machines for small animal breeders.


Go deeper

Interested in learning how to perform pregnancy ultrasound in dogs? Start practicing right now (even if your dog isn’t pregnant)? Get the Ultrasound for Canine Pregnancy Scanning book.

  • Tips and tricks for improving your image quality, whatever your experience level
  • The top 3 big mistakes beginners make, and how you can avoid them
  • How to calculate gestational age and due dates accurately
  • How to spot pyometra and refer for life-saving veterinary care
  • Insider knowledge of what ultrasound equipment to buy, and what to avoid
  • All the controls you never touch – what they are, and how to use them
  • The ultrasound physics will improve your understanding

Take it from us: this book will teach you everything you need to know about using ultrasound—to its full potential—for confirming pregnancies.

Ultrasound for Canine Scanning

Take your breeding program to the next level

If you have any questions about our portable ultrasound scanners, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send a message. We’re available throughout the week to chat with you at your convenience.

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