The detector is very simple to use. If used per the instructions manual it will provide excellent results. Keeping the detector clean and disinfected is of the utmost importance. It should be disinfected BEFORE and AFTER each use. Any mucus left on the probe will give false results. The device methodology is long proven—if used correctly as prescribed.

The readings should be done once a day when ovulation is approaching and twice a day (once every 12 hrs.) when values start to increase. Readings should always be taken the same way; it is best if the probe reaches the cervix. You will know you have reached the cervix when after gentle insertion you meet resistance. Ensuring that the probe is always inserted to the same depth every time you test is important. Otherwise, you can insert the probe and take readings in different parts of the vagina and receive random, incorrect results. We also advise to always take the readings at the same time of the day, morning is best. There are several factors that may affect the readings otherwise, but errors can be avoided by taking readings at the same time every day. Be as consistent as possible.

The readings do not need to be the same as in the chart. Each bitch will be unique. It is important to find the highest peak reading and the subsequent fall in readings. If reading values start decreasing ovulation is imminent. The best moment for insemination is when the readings fall close to the initial baseline level. It is ideal to get a baseline reading for your bitch either before or as early as possible in her heat cycle. The actual numbers are less important than the trend; you’re looking for the highest/peak reading and then a decline in readings.

  1. When you press the switch in open-air “1 0″ should be displayed.
  2. Prepare water-saline solutions with different salt concentrations, immerse the probe in these solutions and check whether the instrument responds to the changes in the concentration of salt. The more salt you add, the lower the readings will be. If the readings decline as more salt is added, this indicates that the device is functioning correctly.
  3. After the probe, has been taken out of the solution the result should constantly show in the display and should not disappear before 30 seconds (the switch must be held, of course).
  4. Make sure while checking the instrument that the electrodes (at the end of the probe) are clean and no “LO BAT” is displayed indicating the batteries need replacing.

Dirt or skin oil on the electrodes will result in readings too high, whereas urine on the electrodes or solutions containing salt will cause lower readings. Please clean the electrodes and check if the device is working well, by following the instructions explained above. Ensure to follow cleaning instructions in the manual to avoid damage to the probe sensors.

Before and after each measurement, the detector must be disinfected. Careful and thorough cleaning and disinfection of the instrument is very important for proper usage. We recommend wiping the probe with gauze, cotton linen, or even tissue paper to clean it of mucus, feces, urine, or hair, especially around the electrodes. Next, it is best to wash it under warm, never hot running water and finally immerse it in a disinfecting solution. Always use disinfectants at concentrations given by the manufacturer, as if not used properly they may cause irritation of the vaginal lining. Wiping the probe clean before use will prevent this from happening.

Please check the device as described in the question: Is there any way to check the instrument? If it isn’t working as expected contact us. It’s unusual for a device to be defective; a review of the correct application might do the trick!

It measures the electrical resistance of the vaginal mucus located near the cervix which changes as the bitch moves through her cycle.

It is very accurate and consistent when operated correctly and consistently.

Not unless you are very heavy-handed and do not take obvious care. Compare the size of the probe (length and diameter) to the penis of the dog (even in toy breeds). Gentle insertion of the probe is important to ensure the probe is inserted at the angle of the vagina and leveled off to reach the cervix (see How do you know if the probe is in the right place?).

The probe should be inserted until a slight resistance is felt, which is when the probe just reaches the cervix. At this position, the probe tip is positioned within the area containing the maximum amount of mucus to thus obtain accurate and consistent readings. This position is adjusted slightly relative to the size of the bitch. Also, some bitches can be very dilated early in the cycle with little or no resistance being felt. Larger breeds will likely require the entire length of the probe inserted, whereas toy breeds will likely require less. If you have experience performing an AI, keep in mind the length of the tube inserted to reach the cervix or alternatively, consider the length of the male penis for the breed, that is a good indication of how far the probe should be inserted. 

Mimic the angle of entry of the stud dog as he enters from underneath at approximately 45 degrees and then ‘levels off’. Remember that the vaginal passage has a kink in its shape. (Thus you need to enter at approximately 45 degrees and then level off as well). Sometimes early in the season, a few bitches may be somewhat dry. Moisten the probe with water, part the lips of the vulva, and gently push the probe into the vulva. If the bitch constricts, hold the unit in place and do not push anymore until she relaxes, at which time you can resume gentle pressure, and the probe will slip into the passage easily. Do not use a lubricant such as KY jelly or Vaseline as they will adversely affect the readings obtained!

It is best to take readings daily at the same time of the day. When the figures start to rise, it is wise to take 2 readings a day (1 x every 12 hours) to pinpoint the peak number more accurately and thereby determine the best time to breed. We suggest once every 12 hours, and be consistent, commit to every 12 hours, for instance, 8 am and 8 pm. When readings start to rise, testing every 12 hours is helpful in pinpointing the peak reading and decline. Do not test more often as readings can fluctuate during the day, which can make graph interpretation more challenging. Stick to twice a day, at the same time each day to make result interpretation easier.

Never repeat a test immediately following a test. By performing a test, you have discharged the mucous and another test too soon will provide inaccurate results.

Take regular readings from the very first moment that you notice your bitch coming into season. Be consistent, sticking as close to the same time each day, makes for better interpretation of results.

After the reading stabilizes on the detector LCD (takes approximately 2 seconds) the probe may be taken out of the bitch.

Usually, it is because the probe is not inserted far enough into the bitch and does not reach the actual mucus which is what the unit is looking to measure. Also, salt from the urine can depress the readings. Alternatively, she may not be reaching ovulation yet, continue testing.

Usually, it is because the probe is inserted too far. (the whole length of the probe is inserted up to the body of the instrument). Thus, going past the cervix and producing random high readings.

The false peak can be just a small rise and fall or the rise can be quite significant. Regardless of the value though, it typically occurs around day 3/4/5 of the season. Some dog’s readings will have small ups and downs, you will know the real peak reading as no result will ever be that high again.

It is indicating what is happening with your bitch as opposed to the external signs, trust the device.

The probe is made of high-quality special polyamide plastic which is very durable.

All bitches are different, some accept the probe instantly without any problems the first time it is used, some are puzzled and some are uneasy, much in the same way as the reaction of a bitch to a stud dog when mating.

Some bitches peak reading may be 400, whereas others may be well more than 1000. The key point to remember is that you are looking for the big picture trend (peak and drop) as opposed to the actual value of the reading.

The Manual explains that the peak value may be higher or lower than the example shown in the manual of a 600-peak figure. (Look for the peak followed by the decline in results). Each bitch will have her own unique results; the key is to pinpoint the highest/maximum reading and the decline in results.

Manufacturers state that the optimum time to breed is 24 hours after the peak. The peak reading coincides with the LH surge which triggers ovulation. The decline in readings coincides with ovulation. It is recommended to breed 24 hours after the decline starts, 48 hours at the latest.

The lubricant will adversely affect the value of the readings obtained. Do not use any lubricant, the device results will be for the lubricant and not the vaginal mucous.

You rotate the unit first and after a full rotation—THEN the button is pressed.

The peak figure indicates when the luteinizing hormone is released, triggering ovulation to occur. After which time the value of the readings decrease steadily in a relatively short time and finally reach an approximate plateau figure at which they remain.

Yes, bitches can display ‘standard expected behavioral signs’ but not have a ‘normal’ ovulatory season.

By taking readings regularly. Once readings start to rapidly rise, it is possible to take more readings in the day, however, ensure they are spaced out by at least 4 hours in between. Once every 12 hours is ideal. When the values increase 2, 3, or 4 times a day a maximum peak figure is obtained.

The manufacturer is currently researching this issue and believes that diet does affect the readings. However, once again it is not the actual value of the readings that is important but the profile that is obtained, to determine the peak figure.

Because the electrical potential of the mucus initially tested has been discharged. Do not do a test more than once every four hours. You will get inaccurate readings and confuse yourself.

The LCD screen on the unit will show the message: LO BAT.

No, but just as with breeding an assistant is helpful in reassuring and steadying the bitch.

With proper maintenance, it can last a lifetime.

Disinfect the detector before and after each measurement. Careful and thorough cleaning and disinfection of the instrument are the most important conditions for its proper usage. Always use disinfectants at concentrations given by the manufacturer, otherwise, they may irritate the vaginal lining. The best disinfectant agent is Hibiscrub, Dettox or Savlon solutions, or any other agent indicated for veterinary use. Wipe the surface of the probe with the solution, then rinse thoroughly with warm water (never hot water as it could damage the probe sensors), dry, and store in its case.

Obviously, this instrument will not solve the reproduction problems of a bitch. It will not change an infertile bitch into a fertile one. However, it is another instrument to facilitate managing reproduction programs. This instrument can be used at home. It will reduce the number of visits to the vet as well as the number of more expensive and invasive tests. It will help to determine false heat because in such a case the value of the reading will not increase. Also, in the case of a silent heat, the peak reading and decline can be determined precisely. 

Yes, it should not have any adverse effects, however, it is recommended to wait 24 hours after mating to use the device.

Using the device following insemination is not recommended, as it might pull some semen out when removing the probe. However, it depends on the day she ovulated and when an AI was performed. For instance, it’s possible for dogs to have a few false peak readings before they ovulate and if a false peak is misinterpreted as her real peak and she is inseminated, obviously, it will be unsuccessful. In which case, continuing to check her with the DOD once every 12 hours would be wise to ensure you catch her real peak and decline in readings. Assuming, you have identified when she ovulated correctly, we would suggest not testing her anymore with the device so as not to waste any of the semen.

  • Not inserting the probe correctly or being inconsistent with the depth for each test.
  • Testing too frequently or testing inconsistently.
  • Not looking at the big picture trending to find the peak and decline in readings. Remember, each bitch is different, and each cycle can be different, look for the trend (highest reading, decline in readings).