From portable ultrasound scanners, ovulation and pregnancy detectors, to whelping boxes and more, we offer a wide array of critical tools that are essential for the modern dog breeder.

Pregnancy and ovulation detection in canines

Obtaining the best, most accurate results depends on a number of variables—including breed size, mating cycle, and timing of the test. Generally speaking, pregnancy can be detected in the blood of most females as early as 22 days post-breed.

Canine Pregnancy FAQ
Canine Ovulation FAQ

Reproductive ultrasound training

Eager to learn more? Consider enrolling in one of our ultrasound training programs. Our courses are designed to equip you with the knowledge and know-how to confidently detect pregnancy in a variety of species. Whether you practice on a farm or at your kennel, learning how to effectively use ultrasound is the best way to ensure your reproductive success.

All Ultrasound Training Courses
Dairy Cattle

Designed to teach the skills and techniques of reproductive ultrasound and image interpretation in dairy cattle.


Equip yourself with the skills to identify pregnancy safely and confidently in your dog’s using ultrasound.


Learn how to successfully identify goat pregnancy—including twins and multiples—using portable ultrasound technology.


Learn how to identify feline pregnancy confidently and safely and more.