iBex PRO/r Ultrasound Hardwired with iL7 Rectal Linear

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Designed specifically for bovine and equine reproduction and  tendon and lung examinations, the iBex PRO/r with hardwired rectal linear transducer incorporates high resolution technology to provide clear, high definition scans seen only on higher end ultrasound units.

Designed specifically for bovine and equine reproduction, the iBex PRO/r incorporates high-resolution technology to provide clear, high definition scans seen only on upscale ultrasound units and comes hardwired to the high-definition iL7 probe, the 12cm max depth and linear array (5-8 MHz) probe is ideal for large animal reproductive examinations. 

Based on the IBEX® PRO platform, the PRO/r is a versatile ultra-portable system that can be worn on the body or set on a table. Now hardwired to the high definition iL7 rectal linear probe, water-resistant and dust-proof with the proprietary DuraScan® casing, the IBEX® PRO/r can handle any environment. With both a flip-up screen and LED or OLED binocular or monocular goggle options. 

The combination of ruggedness, simplicity, versatility, and long battery life make this a great choice for mixed practices, research, academia, and wildlife use. The screen, keyboard, and trackball allow easier use of some of the more advanced features (measurements, gestation tables, dual imaging, saving, and cataloging images). 

Compatible with the IBEX Customizable Extension Arms to lessen fatigue and stress on the user’s arm and shoulder and allows easy insertion or removal of the probe without damaging cables. 

Available with optional wi-fi transmitter streams ultrasound image to a tablet or mobile phone it creates a private network with no WiFi service required. Uses goggles port—splitter available if goggles will be used simultaneously.



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Screen, Goggles

Training Program


Battery Operating Time

About 4 hours

  • Hardwired L7HD High Definition Transducer
  • DuraScan® case: water, dust and impact resistant
  • 5.5 lb (2.5 kg)
  • B, B/B, B/M, and M scan modes
  • Auto enhanced field of view (auto adjusts focus, frequency, gain, and other parameters)
  • Digital beam-former
  • Gestational tables
  • Stores still frames and video loops
  • Removable image storage comes standard with your IBEX® purchase. The card will hold thousands of images
  • File management system
  • Li-Ion smart batteries with 4+ hours of runtime
  • Compatible with multiple headset options
  • 3-year warranty (warranty extension available)
  • I.C.E.® arms-free scanning available
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Education and support included with your iBex PRO/r Ultrasound Hardwired with iL7 Rectal Linear ultrasound system

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