Insite i3 OLED Goggles Headset for EVO/iBex

From: $2,900.00

EI Medical i3 OLED Goggles Headset for EVO, PRO, LITE and HR ultrasound models with carrying/storage case.

Small, lightweight, and comfortable. The design allows for a good view of your surroundings while working. OLED goggles produce an exceptional, crisp, bright picture quality and consume less energy than the display, so you can work longer.

OLED technology provides unmatched contrast, black level, and brightness compared to LED technology. This pixel-level light control rather than the backlighting used in LED enables a level of precision and control better than LED illumination. The deeper blacks experienced with OLED technology enable higher contrast.

800×600 colour OLED display(s) with specifically designed eye cups for indoor and outdoor viewing—mounts on hat, glasses, or head strap.



Goggle Type

Monocular, Binocular