Insite i3 LED Video Goggles – Binocular Headset for EVO/iBex

$2,895.00 CAD

I3 LED goggles are ideal for working in bright sun and reflective conditions such as water. Most commonly used for bovine reproduction, aquatics, and wildlife ultrasound imaging. Small, lightweight, and comfortable. The design allows for a good view of your surroundings while working.

The Insite i3 LED video goggles are small, lightweight, and compatible with all IBEX® veterinary ultrasound models as well as with Bantam and Easi-Scan (models 1-4). Half the weight of the previous InSite 2 models, the Insite i3 LED video goggles display ultrasound images using LCD display with LED backlight. 

The i3 LED video goggles come with versatile mounting options: ratcheted headband, head strap, and hat clip. Also included are detachable glare shields to block sunlight and storage case.


i3 LED goggles flyer Download