MC8.0 Micro-Convex Transducer for iBex

$7,935.00 CAD

High-frequency 6-10 MHz, micro-convex transducer with a scanning depth of 10 cm is ideal for small animal abdominal exams, bovine reproduction, small ruminant pregnancies, and with OPU aspiration device. All transducers are designed specifically for rugged environments, but if the worst happens, they can be repaired, too!

Compatible with PRO, LITE and LITE HR models.

The MC8.0 high-frequency 6-10 MHz micro-convex probe offers detailed, high-resolution images and a small footprint making it ideal for small animal abdominal ultrasounds, small ruminant pregnancies and Ovum-Pick Up work. Designed to pair with the OPU Aspiration Handle. The MC8.0 transducer works together with the OPU Aspiration handle, a transvaginal needle guide device. Used with long or short needles for dominant follicle reduction, ovum pickup, biopsy, ovarian infusions, and scientific research. 

All EI Medical cables tested to 1.2 million flex cycles, have a custom-designed cable jacket for extreme durability, are chemical resistant and bio-compatible. EI Medical probe cables are designed specifically for use in tough animal environments. Polyurethane cable jacket is extremely durable, chemical resistant and biocompatible per USP Class VI, copper alloy coax and copper alloy tinsel shield developed for controlled elongation, and kevlar strength members embedded in cable bundle to protect coax breakage.

Compatible with PRO, LITE and LITE HR models.

Manufacturer Warranty – 1 year





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Operating Frequency


Number of Crystals


Active Area

25mm Radius

Scanning Depth


Cable Length

2m Cable, 3m Cable